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    DRY-LAM 25" Medium Duty Laminator - Desktop

    Experience the power of precision lamination with the DRY-LAM 25" Medium Duty Laminator - Desktop. This machine is designed to handle a wide range of laminating tasks with precision and ease. It can run up to 5 mil film on a 1" core at variable speeds up to 9 feet per minute, making it perfect for high-volume lamination tasks. The built-in safety shield ensures safe operation, while the auto shut off feature automatically turns off the machine after 2 hours of idle time, saving energy and increasing the life of the laminator.



    Key Features


    • Medium-Duty Machine: Designed for single or double-sided lamination plus mounting.
    • Easy Operation: Simple to operate and easy threading.
    • Pressure Rollers: Parting of the pressure rollers helps avoid flat spots during extended downtime.
    • Quick Film Release: Film frees quickly in case of a wrap-around.
    • Ultra Fast Warm-Up: Ultra fast five minute warm-up time.
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