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    CRON G+ Series Thermal Computer to Plate

    Experience the future of printing with the CRON G+ Series Thermal Computer to Plate. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to meet the most stringent demands for print quality and productivity. With clean, accurate imaging, precision dot reproduction, and a tonal range of 1% – 99%, it ensures superior imaging while reducing waste. The G+ series models feature the latest generation lasers and liquid cooling to ensure maximum reliability with fast throughput. The low level of maintenance means the G+ series is the most cost-effective CTP available today.



    Key Features


    • High-Quality Platemaking: The CRON G+ Series offers the highest quality platemaking at rapid imaging speeds.
    • Versatile Laser Channels: It provides a wide choice of laser channels to suit productivity and cost needs.
    • Flexible Plate Range: The machine images a flexible range of plates including No Process, Develop on Press and Traditional Wet Process.
    • Accommodates Various Plate Sizes: It accommodates plate sizes from 9.4? x 12.6? to 36.4? x 26.5? (TP36 models), 11? x 11? to 45.6? x 37.8? (TP46 models) and 9.4? x 9.4? to 26.3? x 22? (TP26 models).
    • Latest Generation Laser Head Design: The integrated laser unit with 830nm wavelength diodes delivers higher precision, sharper imaging with highly stable dot output.



      Coming soon.
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