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B&R Moll Marathon System with Versafold
  • B&R Moll Marathon System with Versafold

B&R Moll Marathon System with Versafold

Experience the power of precision and speed with the B&R Moll Marathon System with Versafold. This robust machine is designed to streamline your folding and gluing process, delivering professional results at a brisk pace. With its unique folding plate coupled with the Tipper Plate, it sets the Marathon in a class by itself for pocket folding. The pulse control feeding mechanism and electronic pile height-controlled feeder are just the beginning of the revolutionary pocket folder. The Marathon System with Versafold has the capability to handle heavier weight stocks and its quick change-over time makes it flexible enough to handle a wide variety of jobs. It can be configured to produce a range of finished pieces including pocket folders, envelopes, CD sleeves, digipacks, roomy key card holders, mailers, and even some box designs.



Key Features


  • High-Speed Folding: The machine can run speeds up to 30" wide format.
  • Versatile Paper Handling: It can handle different paper sizes and weights: Min: 220 x220mm, Max: 530 x 750mm, 130 – 350 g/m?.
  • Efficient Feeder System: Pneumatic feeder with two air suction units, one transport conveyor, four frontal stops, 600 mm stack height and 200 kg capacity and +/- 1 m overlap tolerance.
  • Quality Folding Unit: Buckle Fold Plate with removable ribs and an all stainless steel back plate to eliminate marking and static build-up. Tipper Fold Plate with dual anti-marking rollers which allow for heavier stocks to be folded.
  • Strong Cutting Unit: Ultra strong pneumatic micro perforation. Independent speed control of cutting rollers with dedicated drive motor.



    Coming soon.
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