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B&R Moll FlexCut 760 Digital Rotary Die Cutter
  • B&R Moll FlexCut 760 Digital Rotary Die Cutter

B&R Moll FlexCut 760 Digital Rotary Die Cutter

Experience the revolution in die cutting with the B&R Moll FlexCut 760 Digital Rotary Die Cutter. This cutting-edge machine is designed to create a distinct position in the Label, Mail, Printing, and Packaging Markets for sheet-fed applications. It can kiss cut and cut-score products in an infinite number of shapes and sizes, including substrate thicknesses up to 24pt paperboard. The FlexCut 760 is ideal for finishing boxes, cartons, labels, pocket folders, and other types of packaging. With its patented technology, it can raise and lower the bottom cylinder with Micro Gap Technology, ensuring ZERO deflection and eliminating the need to stagger cuts to get a through cut.



Key Features


  • User-Friendly Interface: The FlexCut 760 features touch screen controls for easy operation.
  • High-Speed Performance: With run speeds up to 7,000 sheets per hour and variable speed adjustment, the FlexCut 760 ensures efficient operation.
  • Versatile Cutting Capabilities: The machine offers die cutting, kiss cutting, scoring, slitting, and perfing.
  • Advanced Registration System: The FlexCut 760 features a servo-driven registration system that ensures precise alignment of each sheet.
  • Safety Measures: The machine is equipped with CE compliant interlocks safety shields, emergency stops and a security photocell sensor for safe operation.



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