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    US Paper Counters Count-Wise M

    Experience the power of precision with the US Paper Counters Count-Wise M. This high-performance machine is designed to streamline your production process. It's a comprehensive solution that offers professional counting and batch tabbing for high volume applications. The Count-Wise M has the speed and accuracy necessary to obtain the quantity control you need – all with the convenient push of a button. It is ideal for printers, packagers and other companies looking for consistent quantity control for a wide variety of counting jobs.



    Key Features


    • Counting Speeds: The machine offers counting speeds up to 2500 CPM.
    • Tab Insertion: It allows for tab insertion from 3 to 9999 sheets.
    • Two Jogging Plates: The machine comes with two jogging plates for efficient operation.
    • Color Touch Screen GUI: It features a color touch screen GUI (graphic user interface).
    • Large Air Flotation Table: The machine comes with a 36" x 36" air flotation table.
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