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    KeenCut Evolution3 Range

    The KeenCut Evolution3 Range is the perfect tool for transforming manual cutting to set new quality and performance standards. With its unique design, the Evolution3 offers technical developments not found on any other range of bench-top cutters. The range includes three models: the SmartFold, which can be stowed underneath the bench, the BenchTop, which fixes to a work surface, and a portable FreeHand version. Each model is designed to make accurate cutting easier than ever before. The Evolution3 is truly a leap forward in cutting technology.



    Key Features


    • Lift-and-Hover technology: The Evolution3 SmartFold and BenchTop feature Keencut's unique Lift-and-Hover technology, which enables single-handed, fast and accurate alignment of all media, irrespective of its thickness.
    • Future proof and versatile QuikSwap tool heads: The QuikSwap tool head family gives users the ultimate flexibility. Each tool is designed for a specific purpose, such as general cutting, creasing and fabric cutting and can be attached or detached from the cutter in seconds.
    • Guaranteed accuracy: The Evolution3 is the most accurate cutter of its type on the market and is guaranteed to cut within 0.2mm (0.008?) of a straight line for the full length of the cut.
    • Total stability: The self-adjusting track roller system fitted to the QuikSwap tool heads provides a strong and smooth movement up and down the length of the cutter bar, with zero sideways movement to ensure a perfect straight line.
    • Heavy duty reliability: The entire Evolution3 range has been built to last using high quality materials and well tested engineering principles. The cutting head bearing system and clamping are tough enough to keep perfect blade control, even with the most difficult of materials.
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