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B&R Moll Versafold Jr
  • B&R Moll Versafold Jr

B&R Moll Versafold Jr

Discover the power of compact efficiency with the B&R Moll Versafold Jr. This high-speed, versatile unit is designed to perform a wide variety of layouts. It's based off the Versafold, but is 36' (920mm) shorter, making it ideal for tight spaces. This machine can handle tasks such as gluing, forming pockets, turning paper direction, and final folding. With its module design, you can move units in and out, allowing for quicker and easier setups. By running in line with your legacy folders, it can double the output. By adding a hot melt system, you can fugitive glue mailers closed versus tabbing.



Key Features


  • Module Design: The module design allows you to mix and match units for quicker and easier setups.
  • Belt Drive: The belt drive ensures smooth operation and longevity of the machine.
  • Vacuum Infeed Belts: The vacuum infeed belts ensure smooth and efficient feeding of materials into the machine.
  • Etched Railing: The etched railing allows for quick change overs, enhancing productivity.
  • Ability to Bump-n-Turn a Sheet: This feature allows for flexibility in handling various tasks.



    Coming soon.
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